Günter Arndt with ITTF president Sharara at the Triples Book launch, during the 10th ITTF Sports Science Congress  and TT World Championships 2007, Zagreb

Training of juniors on the round Triples table

The Triples Team Trophies at the first IDTTA Triples championships in 2009

... and some of their proud 'world's first' winners

Spectator participation on the 'Show Table' during the WMG 2009

Triples-Trainer Arndt at work...

...and some of his protégés in action


 IDTTA Juniors competition on the 'Clip-On' Triples table

The flexible 'Clip-On' adaptation in the home club.


Overall impression of the 2010 IDTTA Triples Championships

 ...and of its 2011 Championships...

Triples exhibition at the World Masters Games (WMG) in Sydney 2009