Table Tennis Triples is a table tennis game with teams of three people playing simultaneously, on a circular table. 

Unique Benefits:

  • More people play on one table: social benefits, reduced waiting times
  • Greater shot range (length, angle) and team tactics than in conventional table tennis.
  • Conventional tables can be reversibly 'Triples' retrofitted
  • Triples enables full 3-player teams to play as a real team - the singles/doubles matches in present 'team competitions' (e.g. the Olympics) cannot indicate combined team strength.

Status of Innovation:

  • Prototype tables/nets have been built and used/tested in successful trials and Triples Competitions
  • Officially launched at 10th ITTF Sports Science Congress during World Championships, Zagreb 2007
  • International PCT-Patent Application filed, EU and Aust Patent granted
  • is the company in the UK appointed for the global commercialisation of 3-a-side table tennis, with its subsidiary in Sweden, both initially targeting educational and social game variations
  • T3 'three-a-side' ping pong tables and equipment are designed and manufactured in the UK, and sold through the above
  • Annual Triples Championships with top table tennis players have been held successfully in Wollongong, Australia since 2009
  • T3 was also trialled successfully by Maxim Shmyrev, 3 times world champion of ping pong, and his competitors at the WCPP in London in 2013